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Bureau LJ

Bureau LJ is a Graphic Designer based in Munich, Germany

Luca J. Barth was looking for a Developer to bring his vision for a personal portfolio website to life.

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This project required the development of a stunning design portfolio website for a client who wanted to showcase his design work online. The project was initiated with a clear understanding of the client's exact requirements and specifications, and the design was adapted accordingly to ensure that the final website was mobile-optimized and met the highest standards. We worked closely with the client to find solutions to bring their vision to life which included custom cursors, unique animations and interactions, and distinctive layouts.

Throughout the development process, we stayed in close communication with the client, providing regular feedback and making necessary adjustments to meet their expectations. The final result was a website that went live after several rounds of iterations and adaptations and has now become the client's primary online portfolio. The biggest challenge in this project was finding ways to bring the client's non-standard design requirements to life, but we rose to the occasion and delivered a website that exceeded expectations.

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"I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Sprout on my personal portfolio website. Their professionalism, technical and communicative skills always ensured a smooth workflow in a timely manner and exceeded my expectations."
Luca J. Barth

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