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MP Consulting

MP Consulting is a small financial consultancy with many years of experience, that helps startups and SMBs to receive favourable loan and financing solutions for their businesses.

MP Consulting was looking to improve their brand awareness with their new online presence and therefore increase their annual revenue.

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The two main areas we worked on with MP Consulting was firstly the new brand design and thereafter the new website.. Even though they knew which name they wanted to use, they didn’t know which colour palette or logo design they wanted to go with. It was important to the company that their exclusive brand image came across. We ensured that the logo we created was simple yet elegant. The golden and dark blue colours give it a very deluxe touch. 

The website was supposed to be only slightly more than a business card and in the same style as the logo of course. Given the international nature of their clients, it was important that the website would easily switch between German, English and French. We worked with native speakers to translate the website and made sure that transitions were smooth and intuitive.

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"The new website led to a 38% higher conversion level for our company after about 6 months! Which in turn has now increased our annual sales by just over 25%! Many thanks for the professional support!"
Michael P.
MP Consulting

Our approach

At Sprout, our process starts with a thorough audit to understand your business needs and identify areas for improvement. Based on this information, we develop a customised proposal that outlines our recommended strategy, including a clear timeline and measurable milestones.

We work closely with you throughout the project, keeping you in the loop every step of the way. Regular check-ins ensure that we stay aligned with your goals and allows us to make course corrects along the way. For those keen on up-skilling themselves, we offer training in the tools and platforms we use.
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A great website is the backbone of any business and serves as the focus point for all your digital marketing efforts.

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