Maureen Pfaff

Marketing Director
Content Creation Guru and Marketing Wiz

Maureen Pfaff is our Marketing wiz and content creation guru. She’s spent 8 years of her career at Google, where she started by working with SMBs and agencies within the DACH region to analyse and optimise their online Marketing strategies in terms of Google Search Ads, Display Ads and YouTube Ads. She then worked her way up, dipped her toes into eCommerce within the MENA region by supporting Amazon’s digital Marketing strategy and after that spent many years in Singapore advising some of Google’s biggest clients Expedia Group, VRBO, Hotels.com, IHG and Marina Bay Sands within the APAC markets. She loves talking about owned, earned and paid media, and how different marketing channels relate to the big picture. 

Whilst working at Google, part of her job was to understand the competition (i.e. Facebook) extremely well and (along with several courses and certifications) she therefore very easily slipped into the role of a social media ads expert alongside her years of Google Ads experience. Her passion for social media started by friends and family asking for her help to “spruce up” their instagram profiles. She’s now developed a proven method of how consistency and quality content lead to growth and engagement. 

In her free time Maureen loves all things ocean. From being a passionate scuba diver to sailor, she feels most like herself whenever she gets to spend time in the water. She enjoys the extremes though and would also never turn down a day on the ski slopes.


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